Michio Kaku on types of civilization

Michio Kaku on types of civilization

We have our fair share of #problems on this planet no? Kim #Kardashian and Byonce for example. no seriously! #War, famine, natural #disasters, politics, an expired #economic #system and the list goes on. So how do we measure compared to other civilizations that might exist in the #cosmos? The Kardashev Scale by the Russian Astrophysicist Nikolai #Kardashev calculates the age and level of a civilization by how much energy it #consumes and how it Harnesses this energy. Listen to Dr. #Michio #Kaku talk about the different types of civilization and the transition from the Type-0 civilization we are now to  type-1 civilization. Very important to note that not many Type-0 civilizations make it through this transition. Let us know your opinion and is it worth it to prepare ourselves for the transition?

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