Why Aqua-Primoris?

Why Aqua-Primoris?

Latin (Auqa= water, Primoris=the first). Aqua-Primoris, the first water city will help people escape current systems to try to build a new, modern and evolving system to remedy our poor life quality and in the process avoid the destruction of the only planet we have.

So why join Aqua-Primoris? What’s in it for you? It is as simple as having your voice heard, contribute and help design a new system that can solve what you think is wrong in our society and systems.

And why a water city? Is it even possible? The reason behind building the new system on a water city is to minimize the effect and interference of current systems. A water city would only partially be subjected to current systems rules and regulations and allow for more flexibility in designing a new system.
This idea is not new and we know there are many other groups, non-profit organizations and institutions that have the same logic. Please check our affiliation section for more information on other similar projects.

And finally, why not? We beleive it is time for drastic measures to minimize our footprint on the planet and in the same time enjoy a better lifestyle. It is crazy and we know it. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t even bother.

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