Where is love Osho?

Where is love Osho?


Where is love Oshso? Where is love precious? Do you still see love around?

Where is love in what is happening around us? Where is love in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine? Where is love in Africa’s poverty? Where is love in India’s slumps? Where is love in wealth stealing capitalism? Where is love in the freedom of Communism, where is love Osho?

Has it gone extinct like the animals of our planet? poluted like our seas, lands and waters? Has it become toxic like the air we breathe or the food we eat? Did it become a delusion of our pitiful minds or is it just too expensive for the likes of us?

Valentines is the celebration of love. All red roses, parties, drinks and lots of money to be made in the name of love. It is good business for something so scarce. Just look at our social well being, familial conditions, children and women rights statistics to understand how we celebrate love.

They say poverty is the precursor for revolution. Are we poor yet Osho? Are we poor in love? Is it time for our love revolutions yet?

Wait! No we are not poor precious. we have so much love. We found it! We found it in the love of money, love of power, love of superiority, love of wars, love of enslavement, love of destruction. Distruction of our environment and our ethics…

So welcome to our new world of love Osho. Welcome to the 21st. Century of love. May we wake up from our delusions for the sake of love.

Rabih Maalouf
First Primorian

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