What is Aqua-Primoris?

What is Aqua-Primoris?

By now, probably those who joined us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter are probably wondering “what is this Aqua-Primoris”? Or more probably have joined out of courtesy and are not even interested.

That is all normal but just for those who are interested, Aqua-Primoris is or more accurately will be, a futuristic floating city destined to host an advanced society. No! This is not another Utopia. The goal is that Aqua-Primoris will be totally free from any of the current systems (Democratic/capitalist, communist, religious, dictatorship…) in order to have the freedom to design and apply a new social, economic and legal system.

So how is this different from other liberal movements? Wrapped in a company’s shell to escape the prosecution of the current systems, the main business of AP is to provide the city inhabitants (Primorians), a new way of living. Using science and technology, we believe our lives can be much more fulfilling if we remove as much problems as possible faced in today’s world.

So why a new system? Because half measures and fixes do not work anymore. The current systems. All of them are old and outdated. They cannot be fixed. Wars, conflicts, hatred, envy, politics, religion, slavery, Racism, inequality, poverty etc., are all results of the current systems. Smartly removing the causes of our problems from society by designing a new more adaptable and efficient system.

Aqua-Primoris will need contribution and support from active members and contributors and will be collaboratively designed and promoted.


    1. Author aprimoris

      Hello Mariangela,

      Thank you for the nice words and you are welcome to join Aquaprimoris. At this stage, Aquaprimoris is at the awakening phase. This means we are working on helping people learn and understand the problems in our current societies and pushing them to question every detail of our economic, political, and social systems to understand their flaws and try to correct them by creating viable alternatives. In addition we are also sharing technical ideas of how to create Aquaprimoris (from architecture to the governing system)

      to join our blog/website as a publisher for sharing your ideas, you can use the following link: http://www.aquaprimoris.com/wp-login.php?action=register

      You can also join our Facebook group by liking our page.

      Thank you very much for your interest and hope you join us soon.


      Rabih Maalouf
      First Primorian

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