The Human cancer

The Human cancer

The planet is sick. It has “humans” desease. Yes that is a real desease an it is a very bad type of cancer. Going back to the known humans history on this planet since approx. 15000 years ago, it took homosapiens 14900 years to get to 1 billion. This can be … was the dormant period of the cancer. During which, humans “cells”, started to missbehave and mutate into bad cells, cancerous cells. During the fisrt 10,000 years humans, like all living things were normal cells following the natural order. Around 5000 years ago (don’t quote me on the exact dates. No one can be certain ), what we call civilization started. Humans mutated into different cells. Stopped following the natural order and began to mutate into something different. What cased this mutation is still for most a mistery. In no time humans became invincible (cancer cells). We began multiplying killing all other cells ( plants, animals, each other).

All this untill the industrial revolution of the 1800’s where we entered the metastasis phase. The human cancer quickly spread throughout the body and its cancerous cells multiplied exponentially destroying all living systems threatening the existance of the host “earth”.

Anyone, unlucky ebough to experience cancer personally, through a close person or by education, knows exactly how cancer spreads. The stages are known and effective treatment depends on the stage of the desease. It starts slow and takes a long time. metastasizing suddenly and exponentially killing its host and itself.

Can you see the relation? Are we aware of what is happening to our host?

Why do we still think we are the center of the universe? From the quantum scale to relativity, science has showed us that similarities between all systems on any scale. A scientific fact, atoms gravitate like planets and galaxies. Can’t we “humans” be, relatively to our planet, like cancer cells to our body? No need to answer. It is the ugly scientific truth.

So what stage is our host at? Is there any hope? And what are we supposed to do about it? Commit suicide and save our host? The sad answer is that we are in the terminal phase. We are almost beyond any hope of salvation especially that we refuse to be diagnosed. We refuse to beleive we are killing our host and therefore committing suicide. We, every one of us, thinking that he or she is the center of the universe and that what we do individually is not connected, and that i alone have the right to live and prosper, are cancerous cells in a terminal phase.

And the treatment? Surgery, Radiotherapy, chemotherapy? these are the current treatments but will they work at this stage where almost no human cell is still intact from cancerous mutation.

Like in the cancer we know, chemotherapy which is the most effective at this stage, kills both bad cancerous cells and good cells as well. We need a new cure, a new drug, a new hope. We need a cure that can save cancerous cells and turn them back into normal functioning cells. That is the only remaining hope.

So will we make it? Us the self aware cancer cells? The buttom line is, we need to find a cure fast that doesn’t kills us all. We need to find the remaining good cells. We need to return to a normal non cancerous lifestyle. Maybe, just maybe, we will find a cure to survive and change our destiny.

The future is not written. It is what we make it. between the unlimited futures we may have. Let us choose the right one

Vote, help and join #Aquaprimoris. For a chance of a cancer free future for us and our children.

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