Social Cannibalism

Social Cannibalism


Have you ever heard of human farming? It is synonymous to capitalism and its true description. Well with human farming comes human cannibalism. No! This is not in some remote part of the amazons or in Papua-new Guinea. We are talking about “civilized” cannibalism in advanced and developed societies. Humans are usually safe pets to breed. That is by nature of course. Well not anymore. In a system that fosters competition to the extent of cannibalism and promotes the lack of resources for capitalistic and so called economic reasons, humans are becoming social cannibals. The current systems educate and even design the lives of humans in order to program them for cannibalism. They so lovingly call it competition and promote it as beneficial and even essential for human advancement. Your competitive advantage is your ability and readiness to cannibalize other humans. The more you are ready to step over others to get ahead the better you are in this cannibal world.

Of course by cannibalization we don’t actually mean human flesh eaters. Although in some cases true, we mean by cannibalization, the attitude of humans towards each other. Just by driving to work or even just staying home, people jump on you in traffic, your neighbors bark at you for the most stupid reasons. Even inside the dame family no one seems to tolerate or respect anyone else. It is every person for him or herself. This is what we teach our children since the cradle.

Barking on each other, we don’t miss a chance to hurt, cheat, steal, lie and even kill for the stupidest reasons. All in the name of “survival”. Survival of only the fittest, the strongest or the wildest cannibals. We have become so “animal”-like that even animals are ashamed of us.

We are definitely going backwards so fast we won’t even be aware when it is all over. Wake up you very few “humane” left. Wake up before you are cannibalized.

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