Renewable Energy


Today’s living requires #energy as an essential resource. But energy generation is the biggest cause of #pollution. So the challenge will be to provide energy abundance with minimal #cost to the #environment. #Renewable energy is gaining momentum and is becoming more and more affordable and efficient. But this type of energy generation is not steady and cannot be directly used to generate continuous power for #Aqua-Primoris. Energy #storage is needed to compensate the intermittence of alternative renewable energy.

The solution is to use an intermediary storage that will be generated via Alternative energy means and used as #clean fuel for energy generation. Hydrogen is so far the most viable intermediate storage and clean intermediate fuel. using huge hydrogen reservoirs placed on the sea bed and using the water pressure of the sea, we will generate and compress hydrogen in large quantities and use it as a fuel for fuel cells or #hydrogen combustion to generate electricity for the needs of the city.

Furthermore, the above solution is not an innovation or a breakthrough. Controlled and economic energy #consumption and local energy generation are the important side of the equation. all buildings, and houses on Aqua-Primoris will have solar energy generation that will be only compensated by the main grid if needed. efficient and smart use of energy is essential to the proper functioning of the energy system. using smart computerized energy metering and energy saving systems, we can use a fraction of the energy we are using in our homes today. This all begins at the design phase of Aqua-Primoris and is all interconnected with architecture and infrastructure.  The key is in designing from scratch the complete system in order to achieve the sought results.

Anyone who is interested and/or have adequate knowledge in the alternative energy generation and storage is welcome to help us achieve our goal of energy self-sustainability


  • Client : Aqua-Primoris
  • Date : April 18, 2014