It all starts with architecture. The #houses and #buildings we live in, their organization, #power consumption, energy efficiency, reuse-ability and reconfiguration capabilities are essential to an economic and efficient living.

The architecture on Aqua-Primoris is straight out of science fiction, Zaha Hadid’s Design inspitrations, the Venus project logical designs and other various #Tron style designs. but it is not all for the looks. Aqua-Primoris will be a futuristic smart city but also very ecological, functional and efficient.

Buildings are living structures. their components can be rearranged or completely replaced. common services centralized. Houses are smart, efficient and comfortable. They are also completely different from the houses we currently live in. Micro apartments are invading our cities but only for lack of space and cost, but they have proved that comfy living does not require a 20 room mansion. A minimum space requirement approach to living along with a sharing based resource allocation will allow Primorians to live a satisfying life with minimal resources only if they choose to ditch our current exaggerated and wasteful nottions and habits.

The #Venus #Project by the visionary #Jaques #Fresco designed most of what we are talking about in the 60s. his notions and designs was our first inspiration for Aqua-Primoris. check them out in our affiliations section. Visionary and unconventional architects are needed to redesign an efficient architecture completely different fro the wasteful complex, inefficient, profit driven industry we have today.


  • Client : Aqua-Primoris
  • Date : April 18, 2014