Floating Structure


The first subject we need to discuss is: ” how can we build it?” is it even possible? well! a very short answer is yes, because we already did. well not we, Primorians but we humans. we have been building floating structures for almost a 100 years now. so why haven’t we though of building a #floating city before? well we did that too. we are not exactly reinventing the wheel here. it is a simple rule of Buoyancy. In today’s technology it is, we believe, simple to float large structures. nonetheless, challenges remain in floating on rough seas, but considering we are capable of putting satellites into orbit and going to Mars, finding a solution won’t be much of a challenge.

So! the basics. #Foam, #Styrofoam, #Polystyrene, #polyethylene etc. Yes i am not kidding. Foam materials are over 90% air. just try to sink a piece if you can.big volume with minimum wieght, the perfect #buoyant recipe. Not many people know that Foam has been used for decades in the #construction industry. the most common use is in insulation, but it also used to stabilize land for roads, bridges, train tracks and even airport runways. It is also water and moisture proof, does not rot or degrade in nature and has an impressive compression ratio. Just research #Geofoam ( http://www.geofoam.com/ ) and you’ll get the full picture. in brief, if you envelop foam with strong coating material  and include a strong structure, you can build anything with it. and because it is so light, Buoyancy is at max. you can then float on it a considerable load. Make it big enough and you will have a floating city.

well, we make look too easy but we are not stupid. this article is not the design. this is just a teaser. our first project is to design a viable structure for  #Aqua-Primoris. our task is made easier by the previous work of #Seasteading institute and other inspirations who already published several studies and researches that we are using. we will just use the available knowledge and design our own very efficient floating structure.

Finally, we call on innovative architects to help us design and architect this futuristic and innovative floating city. we hope we can get enough interest and momentum.


  • Client : Aqua-Primoris
  • Date : April 18, 2014