The Brain


In a Type 1 #civilization, humans do not rule. there are no #kings, #presidents or #government agencies. #Auqa-Primoris will be governed by technology. Government will be the #responsibility of all #Primorians. Every person has equal #rights and #obligations to everyone else. we only need a #system and a process and #governance is not only about creating rules and #regulations it is about #information, data collection and #analysis to facilitate better #decisions. The #Brain will be a super computer responsible of collecting, organizing, and reporting information to Everyone. The brain is a complex entity. it is supposed to manage all aspects of life and technology on Aqua-Primoris, maintaining equilibrium in resources generation and usage. it also controls the voting and governance mechanism, transportation, Energy generation, communications etc.

the “Brain” is not an independent AI like most will fear. although it will have advanced AI capabilities, it will still be controlled by People. the risk of AI is only real in the current profit oriented systems that use AI in a military applications. On Aqua-Primoris an AI will be limited to providing services and information to enhance the lives of people and their environment and will not be militarized.

the Brain’s security will be critical knowing the capabilities and the power of the current systems to hack and manipulate any technology driven machine or system.

Stay tuned for more info on what the “Brain” services and capabilities will be. Expert contribution is essential to design this project.


  • Client : Aqua-Primoris
  • Date : April 18, 2014