Man in his ignorance and arrogance

Man in his ignorance and arrogance

The beginning

In the past man in his ignorance, worshiped gods believing they protect him from the unknown. He (man) created gods in the image of big natural forces. The sun, the earth and the beasts.

Growing ignorance

But then his awareness grew and he was able to protect himself from nature, he grew in arrogance and created his own gods as a mean to control other men knowing that, in doing so, he can gain power and control. The first gods were created to scare people in their means of living. Gods mimicked water, fire, fertility… a selected few knew the truth and used it to call themselves representatives of the gods and demand respect and authority.


As more and more men discovered the truth, others sought out the same privileges. They created their own gods. This time man in his arrogance created gods in his own image. Not the other way around. Gods became the ultimate way to control the masses and stories and myths emerged to promote the best god and gain more followers.

The Holly ignorance

Not so soon after, gods were becoming many and no one could sustain the need for knowledge of the human mind. So here came a different kind of god. The unseen, the all mighty, he who created heaven and hell and in-between the “flat lands” we call earth. He who created us in his own image since no one knows when. This weird god did not rule over human matters himself. He sent messiahs and prophets to do his work for him. He needs not bother with this mediocre realm. He has better things to do. Oh wait! What else is there?  we are the center of the universe, aren’t we?  Nothing else that matters.

And in thy name, the same few anointed themselves representatives of god and his prophets and created books and stories, said to be written by god the all mighty Author. He wrote rules of does and dont’s, and amazing stories of compassion,  selflessness that he called it religion. With this religion god wanted to help people by controlling their animal instinct and help live peacefully with one another. For this , god of course required a fee because “He” can’t work for free: “moneeeeeyyy”. The novelty that god created to govern our trading needs. But wait! Why would he need it for? Where would he spend it? Supposedly he created heaven, earth and hell with his magic wand. Ahh! you ignorant blasphemer “me”. Money is not for god. He meant it to help those in need. His worshipers to be exact. Those who are always poor for some reason

This time, God being busy doing other unworldly things, his prophets ruled, each claiming supremacy. Their creators/ representatives ruled over the uneducated in dominance and control, Requesting they defend their prophets, creating atrocities, massacres and wars, destroying anyone and anything who dares question gods will. ” god wills it” some cry. ” allah w akbar” the others reply while slipping throats, burning, hacking, raping and destroying.

The blasphemers

Prophets falls and others rise in a battle for supremacy. But then some of the subjects started to question this god and his prophets to somehow unite all prophets in claiming their heads for heresy. God said the earth is flat they said, who are you heretic to defy him. off with his head. But wait, not long ago, you beheaded and burned the guy. How did the earth become round again? “god wills it”!

Hey god! Is it fair that 1% of your unfaithful subjects have 90% of the earth wealth and resources and  the other 99% barely have access to their most basic needs? Is it godly that your representatives control all of this wealth and share none of it? Wtf! are you doing with these resources. Use your magic wand again man!

Men. Some in their ignorance and others by their arrogance invented God in their own image, worshiped him and then believed their own lies as time passed. Nowadays,  a new God is emerging “The rich and powerful God”, claiming not only new subjects but old Gods as well.

Welcome to the world of men! Arrogance of the unchallenged and ignorance of the masses, safe guarding the status-quo of the old and new Gods.

AquaPrimoris 2014

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