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in this section we follow up on current technologies useful for the creation of AP and discuss how we can use them for advancing AP technology

Michio Kaku on types of civilization

We have our fair share of #problems on this planet no? Kim #Kardashian and Byonce for example. no seriously! #War, famine, natural #disasters, politics, an expired #economic #system and the list goes on. So how do we measure compared to other civilizations that might exist in the #cosmos? The Kardashev Scale by the Russian Astrophysicist Nikolai #Kardashev calculates the age and level of a civilization by how much energy it #consumes and how it Harnesses this energy. Listen to Dr. #Michio #Kaku talk about the different types of civilization and the transition from the Type-0 civilization we are now to  type-1 civilization. Very …

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