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#Carl #Sagan. The #Planet of #Idiots

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Thank you #demo-cracy.

Thank you! #Thank you #democracy/#plutocracy/#corporateocracy/#consipratocracy/#hypocracy. It is already the #fourth year anniversary. Thank you for 200,000 deaths. Thank you for 5 million #refugees. Thank you for the #destruction of 4000 years of history. Thank you for thousands of ¬†dead #children and for the countless disfigured.Thank you for the broken mothers hearts. Thank you for the raped girls. Thank you for the beheaded fathers. thank you for making a# dictator a hero. thank you! Unhappy birthday indeed. The #Syrian war enters its 4th year already and a solution is anywhere near. and after 4 years the democracies are back to negotiating …

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Principles of Aqua-Primoris

Aqua-primoris has priorities and principles. Respecting and applying our principles will be at the core of a hopefully superior system. Here are the the basics: Ethical and healthy living inspired by Nature’s rules Protect and respect the environment Efficient and self sufficient use of resourses and creating minimum waste Sharing is economical and socially helathy Science and technology should only be used ethically and for the enhancement of our lives Efficiency is the base of a good economy Energy should only be clean and renewable Current systems don’t work financially, legally or politically History is written by people and is …

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