Are you sick yet??

Are you sick yet??

No not phisically #sick. Are you sick of what is happening around us? Are you sick of broken and #manipulated #laws? Of governments committing mass murders going unpunished? Of sacrilege religious acts, of #unfaireness and #inequality, of resource wasting and over #consumption while millions starve, of systems that are deemed to fail, of life becoming a stressful struggle, of hours wasted in traffic everyday? Of never having enough no matter what you make? Of #taxes, #bills, mortgages, loans…

Well we are. Why does life need to be so messed up? Why is our happiness reduced to happy moments that gets lost among our countless problems? Why is stress so abundant while our resources are getting meger by the day?

We are supposed to be free. Free to live, think, beleive, vote and persue our dreams. Yet we are enslaved physically and mentally with systems that require our restless work, stressful commutes, blind adoption, controlled learning, useless votes.. where our dreams become nightmares.

We need to wake up. Life is not bad. We “#Humans” made it this way.

Join us at #Aqua-Primoris for a #social #revolution that can change our lives forever.

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