Welcome to Aqua-Primoris

Welcome to Aqua-Primoris

Welcome Dear Visitors to Aqua-Primoris website and Blog.

Einstein once said “The problems we have cannot be solved with the same mindset that we used to create them”. Today, although our lives have become “arguably “much easier through advancements and technology, somehow very few of us really enjoy the way they live. In our search for better and more, our lives have become more complex and un-fulfilling. We almost never have time for ourselves and the people we love.

Dear visitor, do you feel that something is seriously wrong in the way we live? That we are destroying what is left of our humanity and environment and that the current systems are outdated and don’t work anymore?

Aqua-Primoris (AP) is first and foremost an endeavor to create a blueprint for an advanced social system; a new “Type 1 civilization (link)” in which, we hope, will provide its members with a more fulfilling life. AP strives to promote a Nature-guided and inspired system which protects the planet, promotes efficiency, resources economization, minimize waste and the footprint on nature, the use of renewable energy, and advanced technology in the service of the betterment of mankind and its natural environment.

Science and technology transformed our lives in the last 100 years more than our entire history, but somehow we always ended up miss-using it for bad purposes. Today, the questions on every scientist mind is “Will we endure?” will we survive our scientific adolescence and overcome our own self destruction?

This website and Blog is an online learning and collaboration platform where everyone collaborates their productive insight, experience and comments on the design of the new system. In order to speed up the process, a basic design will be shared and discussed as a starting point.

We hope to have many of you join us in the design and creation of Aqua-Primoris and the new social revolution

Best regards,

Rabih Maalouf

First Primorian

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