Vision & Strategy

Vision & Strategy

A world without war, hunger, Enslavement, hatred, useless accidents, etc. this is our #vision. A world where we simplify and enjoy our lives with the use of science and technology instead of complicating it for the sake of profit and superficial superiority. Our #awakening and #Social evolution are the only remedy from our intentional or non-intentional #self-destruction. Our current state of #knowledge, that could allow us, as a race, to live in abundance and harmony with nature, are used to wage wars, steal and enslave, create intentional poverty and destroy the only habitable planet we have. We are therefore a race unfit to the knowledge we have acquired and are heading for extinction.

Our strategy is to provide #humanity with a wake-up call and maybe a solution that may allow us to avoid an upcoming #apocalypse. By escaping all the current systems , by means of a #floating city, we will try to design a system that is superior to the outdated and dis-functioning systems that we have. We believe that the current systems (all of them) are beyond repair and the only way out is with a new system. A system that allows us to escape our voluntary slavery to jobs we hate in outdated systems run by “#corporateocracy” and #economic systems heading for bankruptcy.

Aqua-Primoris is not just a city. it is our arc of salvation.

Rabih Maalouf

First Primorian

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