Principles of Aqua-Primoris

Principles of Aqua-Primoris

Aqua-primoris has priorities and principles. Respecting and applying our principles will be at the core of a hopefully superior system. Here are the the basics:

  • Ethical and healthy living inspired by Nature’s rules
  • Protect and respect the environment
  • Efficient and self sufficient use of resourses and creating minimum waste
  • Sharing is economical and socially helathy
  • Science and technology should only be used ethically and for the enhancement of our lives
  • Efficiency is the base of a good economy
  • Energy should only be clean and renewable
  • Current systems don’t work financially, legally or politically
  • History is written by people and is mostly biased and manipulated
  • Our history and evolution so far should not dictate our future
  • Abundance can be achieved. Scarcity is a myth to create profit
  • A society is only successful if 100% of its people are perfectly equal

A “CODE” will be creayed as our reference and a reminder and will be created collaboratively once Aqua-Primoris gains enough momentum.

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